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1. Consulting services for the implementation of projects co-financed from EU funds, through financing programmes provided by Structural and Cohesion Funds:
The Sectoral Operational Programme for Human Resources
The Sectoral Operational Programme for the Increase of Economic
Competitiveness - POS CCE;
The Regional Operational Programme (POR);
The National Rural Development Programme (PNDR);
The Operational Programme for Fisheries (POP);
The Operational Programme for Administrative Capacity Development
Cross-border Cooperation Operational Programmes
        Depending on the needs expressed by our customers and by the specific issues identified by our consultants, we look at the possibility to start a project co-financed from EU funds, through these financing programmes provided by the European Union to the Romanian state and, implicitly, to Romanian citizens.

       Our consultants identify the financing sources suitable to the needs of our customers, provide them with up-to-date information on available financing programmes and provide specialised consultancy in all the steps of the project, from matching the customer's need to the adequate financing programme, to eligibility checking, project drawing up, project implementation and successful completion.
- Customers' information and counselling on financing opportunities from EU sources or governmental funds, adapted to
their profile;
- Checking the customer's administrative compliance;
- Checking the eligibility of the financing idea according to the objectives, activities and types of costs included in the
financing guide;
- Consultancy on the possibilities to ensure co-financing;
- Drawing up the Financing  Application, the summary, the memorandum and other annexes provided for in the financing
- Drawing up technical and economic documentation: feasibility studies, documentation for the endorsement of intervention
works, including cost-benefit analyses, according to the legislation in force and the provisions of the Applicant's Guide;
- Drawing up market studies, business plans, marketing plans, local development strategies;
- Preparing the documentation required for obtaining the approvals, licenses and permits for the submission of the project.
Services provided during the drawing up of projects:
- Consultancy provided to beneficiaries for the elaboration of any clarifications requested by intermediate bodies and
managing authorities;
- Services provided during the implementation of projects:
- Training for the project team, with a view to effectively using management tools for project
- Specialised consultancy in the organisation of public procurement procedures;
- Drawing up progress reports and the final report;
- Consultancy in financial project management (cash flow, reimbursement applications);
- Support in coordinating the team appointed for the implementation of the project;
- Support in ensuring suitable publicity measures, according to EU regulations;
- Support for beneficiaries during the entire development of the project, with a view to successfully overcoming any
difficulties encountered during implementation.
Services provided in the pre-contracting phase (the assessment of the submitted project), prior to the signature of financing agreements:
2. Consultancy for human resources development:
Staff recruitment and selection
Human resources restructuring at the service - department - organisation level
Accomplishment of customized work tools for the Human Resources Department
Drawing up working procedures: internal rules, job descriptions, operating rules.
Analysis of training needs
Proposal of training courses
Staff assessment
Setting up and developing work teams
Staff motivation
3. Consultancy for institutional and local planning and development:
Analysis of institutional capacity
Performance monitoring, assessment and measurement at an institutional level
Drawing up development strategies at an institutional level
Drawing up studies and researches with a view to enhancing institutional efficiency and effectiveness
Establishing performance indicators
Performance of cost-benefit analyses
Drawing up local development strategies
5. Obtaining the required permits for commissioning green energy facilities - micro hydro power plants, fotovoltaic facilities and wind power facilities
6. Investment consultancy
Experience in the field - 8 years
4.1. Specialised consultancy
- Identification and assessment of the hydro power potential of a water course/hydro-graphic basin
- Opportunity/pre-feasibility study, including energy study, technical solutions for arrangement and equipment, analysis of design options, cost-benefit analysis, topics for specialised studies, design included
- Assessment of third-party technical projects
- Optimising the commercial operation of existing facilities
- Re-technologisation solutions and programmes for existing facilities
4.2. Technical support for the implementation of SRE investment projects, for the endorsement and approval process and for contracting the products and services required for the implementation of the investment project
4.3. Full project management in all development phases (initiation, preparation - endorsement, implementation - performance, acceptance and preparation for commercial operation)
7. Organisation of training courses certified by the National Qualifications Authority.
7.1 Training courses: Project manager, Trainer, Financial controller, Human resources inspector, Project evaluator, Expert in structural and cohesion fund accession, Public procurement expert, WHS inspector, Training instructor, FPE specialist.
7.2 Qualification courses: Waiter/Seller in food selling and catering facilities, Commercial worker, Real estate technician, Binder, Typographer, Computer operator - data input and validation, Security officer, Pastry chef, Baker - bakery products, Bartender, Cook; Brick layer, stone layer, plasterer; Welder, Carpenter, Hairdresser-manicure-pedicure, Baby sitter, Attendant of elderly people in their homes, Attendant of individuals with serious disabilities, Cleaning specialist, Forestry worker, Plant growing and harvesting worker, Tree grower, Vine grower, Beekeeper, Cattle grower.
7.3 Specialisation courses: WHS inspector 40 hours, Waste management specialist
4. Drawing up documentation for the procurement of green energy production facilities - micro hydro power plants, fotovoltaic facilities and wind power facilities Services supplied in the field of renewable energy sources, especially hydro power technology: